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Here are some links to my favorite sites. Feel free to browse them at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any mental damage these sites may cause. If you think you know of a site that is worthy of being on this list, please email me.

Sites I've designed:
Soilent Green - Semi-official site for the New Orleans based metal band
Health and Wealth - Lose weight safely and easily with Herbalife!
Bill. Pizza. Money. - Read all about it!
VPA - The Visual and Performing Arts housing module at Binghamton University
Adversary - Website for the Valley Stream based band

Friends' sites:
Christine's Page
Bonnie's page
Gina's page
Lady Reeana's Domain
Marcos' Sanitarium

Other sites:
Zero WIng - You HAVE to check this out!
Lobster Magnet - Rabbit made of steel.
Mullets Galore!

TSNY - Web Development, Web Hosting, and Online Technical Support
The State - The BEST and most random sketch comedy show ever!
Vimm's Lair - Home of the ROM Abyss, the largest library of 8 - bit NES Emulators on the net! Play your old favorites on your computer!
Epinions - Go read my articles and make me some money! My username is oddville.