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Dream Theater - International Fan Club Christmas CD 1997
The Making Of Falling Into Infinity
CD released exclusively to the DTIFC
Outtakes from the studio sessions

New Millennium
01. Basic Tracks
02. Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Stick and 7 String Guitar Overdubs 
You Not Me 
03. Basic Tracks 
04. Strings, Piano, Vocals, and Key Overdubs Peruvian Skies 
05. Basic Tracks 
06. Rhodes, Mellotron, Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals overdub 
Hollow Years 
07. Basic Tracks 
08. Acoustic, Edge, and Classical Guitar and Vocals overdubs 
Burning My Soul 
09. Basic Tracks 
10. Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk Box, and Whisper Overdubs 
Hell's Kitchen 
11. Writing The Finale 
Lines The Sand 
12. Intro, Key, Piano, and String Overdubs 
13. Bass, Guitar, Synth, and Vocal overdubs 
14. Doug Pinnick vocals Take Away My Pain 
15. Alternate Take 
16. Basic Tracks 
17. Space Guitar, Hawaiin keys, Heavy Keys, and Vocal overdubs 
Just Let Me Breathe 
18. Basic Tracks 
19. Feedback and Rythm Guitars, Lead Guitar and Keys, Vocal overdubs 
Anna Lee 
20. Derek Noodling at the Piano 
21. Basic Tracks 
22. Mellotron, Acoustic and Leslie guitars, Slide guitar overdubs 
Trial Of Tears 
23. Basic Tracks 
24. Lead Guitar, Bass, Acoustic guitar, and Piano overdubs 
25. The End (?)